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6 months ago

Fix for Mobile Network Not Available Error on Android

It is obviously a grim situation for you when you face “Mobile Network Not Available” issue while trying to call your mates time and again. It is quite frustrating and you can’t help going out of it. Luckily! There are some handy solutions to fix this error. Most probably, you face this error while using Samsung Galaxy phones, but the users of other Android devices also complain for having the same issue often. Here is how you can fix this error.

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11 months ago

Make Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 10 for your Comfort

Sometimes when heavy workload on us in online work during our office/personal  work so we need to go faster so for this we need keyboard shortcuts which will lead us faster in our work so here I will guide you how can we make keyboard shortcuts for our own comfort.

So follow my tail through this tutorial Article.

It seems quite obvious that you are wasting a lot of your energy and time and putting a strain on your shoulders whenever you open the WINDOWS application rolling through the mouse pointer. Of course, you have to lift your finger up and also tapping on a tile. Well, I believe the least physical taxing method to launch any application is through a keyboard because you just need to move your fingers without lifting the entire hand or shoulder.

Fortunately, Windows 10 lets you create custom shortcuts of any program you desire like we shared a guide to create control panel shortcut on desktop previously. It can be a desktop application, a universal app or Window 8’s metro apps. Undoubtedly, you can also create a keyboard shortcut, and here is a quick method of doing so. Follow the step-by-step guide with relevant images.

Creating a Keyboard Shortcut in Windows 10

Let us begin with opening the “Command Prompt Window” from the start button. Simply click on the Windows icon on the lower left corner of the screen, and type in “CMD”. Right-click on it and then “Run as administrator”
Once opened, type “explorer shell:AppsFolder”. Don’t add the quotes, they are just meant to highlight the main command. Hit enter, and you will see a window with a list of all your apps.
Now, you have to right-click on any application, and select the “New Shortcut” options from the contextual menu.

It will say that “Windows can’t create a shortcut here”. Simply click on yes, and it will automatically create the shortcut on your Desktop.
Now, on your desktop, again right-click on the newly created shortcut, and choose properties.
Now, on the Shortcut key area, click in the box with your mouse button and choose any specific command or function to use it as a Keyboard Shortcut.
All Done
I do hope the guide was useful and helped you a lot. Let me know if you are facing any other issues so that I may resolve them. Would love your feedback in comments.

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12 months ago

How to Enable Sleep Mode in Windows 10

One of my blog‘s subscriber recently sent me an email and said that he was having trouble to enable sleep mode in windows 10. Although, it seems to be a very simple task, yet in the advance and totally new interface of Windows 10, it might be difficult, especially for the new users. The past week I received 10 other emails from our readers requesting a solution for the same issue.

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12 months ago

How to Make a Folder Invisible in Windows 10 to Hide it from Others

You might have used the “Hidden Folder” option before, but ever wondered that you can also make a folder invisible? Before I tell you how you can create an invisible folder in Windows 10, let me tell you why we need to create it. Most of you will be facing multiple problems that require you to keep your data safe and secure. Moreover, there are millions of hackers out there always in a seek of gaining unauthorized access and steal your confidential information. This could be your credit card information or saved passwords in a file as well.



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12 months ago

2 Ways to Lock Files and Folders in Windows 10

You might be one of those individuals who has a PC used by other users at home or. Might possibly you have had the desire of keeping your secret computer files protected from other users of your Laptop or Desktop computer. Luckily, Windows 10 allows you to hide your confidential data by password protecting that particular file. Best of all you don’t need the help or buy any third software utility, rather your Windows 10 allows you doing it inside its interface. You can also create a new user account if you don’t want to lock your folders with a password, by this that new user wouldn’t be able to login and check your stuff.

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12 months ago

How to Create Control Panel Shortcut on Windows 10 Desktop

As you all know that Windows 10 has entered the market a couple of months ago, and millions of people have already upgraded their systems to the new and improved interface. Of course, with new operating system, users will have multiple issues. These can be either creating a restore point or creating shortcuts to some important files. Moreover, we have also shared a simple guide to creating a shortcut for any website, check out here.

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12 months ago

Guide to Make Any Website’s Shortcut on Windows 10 Desktop, Start Screen, Start Menu and Taskbar

You’ll be quite surprised to know that for creating a shortcut to a website in windows 10, you need the help of Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. Nowadays, most of the Internet users have Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera browser. However, all of us have the Internet Explorer application pre-installed on our operating systems by default.

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12 months ago

Create System Restore Point Now in Windows 10 to Avoid Severe Loss

The Latest operating system “Windows 10” that was recently launched by Microsoft, has already been downloaded by millions of people around the World. It offers a whole new user experience, with an advanced yet a simple interface that makes it perfect for all types of users. However, apart from the cool new enticing features, Pingzic always focuses on the view that one must have a safer option. By that safer option, we mean that you must create windows backup or restore point at regular intervals.
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12 months ago

Guide to Add a Secondary User Account in Windows 10

Having upgraded to Windows 10 from 7 or 8 gives you a whole new interface with enticing new features and plethora of other benefits that improve the user experience. Most likely you will be logging into your Windows with your Microsoft Account and possibly you have had shared a lot of information with Microsoft. Although, this seems to be a secure way to keep your data confidential, it isn’t. Unfortunately, most of the people will ignore creating a secondary user account. This will ultimately lead to unauthorized access to your computer.
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12 months ago

Best Windows 10 Photo Editing Apps to Edit your Pictures Seamlessly

It doesn’t matter whether you capture your moments from a Windows phone or a digital camera; there will be a time when photo editor will become handy from your Windows 10 laptop or PC. We are living in a digital Era, where technology has revolutionized dramatically that you don’t need to spend hundreds or thousands of bucks for producing high-quality images with special effects. This is because we have editing tools, and they can help to fine tune the image or add other effects with simple clicks of the mouse.
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